Marriages- Inter Caste Combinations

 It is pertinant to mention here that now a days there are number of Inter-caste marriages. There are  various astrological combinations for Inter caste marriages:

These are enumerated are as under:

  • It is observed that in male chart venus is afflicted by Rahu/Ketu and Saturn.
  • In female horoscope- Jupiter is afflicted  by Rahu/ketu and Saturn.
  • 5th and 7th house afflicted by Saturn further increase the  possibiity of Out-caste marriage.
  • Lord of 9th house affected by 6th/8th and 12th house lord can also do this.



Mangal Dosha is a combination of planets (as mentioned in image) i.e. when Mar is placed in 1st, 2nd 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th house of the Lagan chart.

A person born in the presence of this condition is termed as a Manglik. There is a belief that the negative consequences for a Manglik marriage can be resolved if the manglik first performs a ceremony called a kumbh vivah, in which the manglik “marries” Banana or Peepal tree or a silver or gold idol of the Hindu God Vishnu.

The bad effects of Mangal Dosh can also be reduced with the help of astrological remedies which would generally include the application of Pooja, Mantras, Gemstones, Godan ,Charities and these remedies are different for different individuals depending upon their horoscopes. However, as per Hindu belief, these doshas can be cancelled due to combination and aspects of various planets.


India has a Tradition that Marriage should be celebrated at a proper time. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to trace correct match for the natives. It is the native’s horoscope who will reveal any complexity due to afflictions caused by planets.
In a Horoscope, seventh house signifies native’s spouse or wedded life. Seventh house describes so many stages about native marital life. The following are the combinations which are responsible for delay or troubled marriage life.

  • Saturn is known for delaying any work, so if it has any type of relation with the 7th house (placement, aspect or conjugates) than it is considered as a major reason. Saturn in the 7th house indicates delayed marriage or more than one marriage. But as per my experience, Placement of Saturn in 7th House with good aspects, Native may get married with Matured and Intelligent boy/girl. They may live separately due to their jobs. If Saturn in own sign/Mool Trikona Sign/exalted sign, then it will be fine, otherwise marriage settled with some efforts. However, in these cases it is recommended marriage after 28 years.
  • Ascendant should be free from malefic effects.
  • Marriage may be delayed if Venus and Jupiter is weak in Natives Horoscope.
  • There is Malefic Planets Like Saturn, Mar, Rahu and Ketu in 7th house.
  • The aspects of Malefic Planets on 7th house may also be the reason of Delay in Marriage.
  • The lord of seventh house is weak i.e. debilitate, retrograde or combust or in old stage.
  • Seventh House is vacant and not aspected by any planet.
  • Saturn and Mars have a combined influence on the seventh house.
  • 7th lord or house is under the influence of Rahu or Ketu.
  • If Seventh lord is in 6th, 8th or 12th houses, in addition to delay in marriage, problem in marriage life may arise.


Early and delay marriage depends upon the planets located in the horoscopes. Jupiter plays key role in the horoscope of female native for cheerful married life. If Jupiter and 7th lord is well placed and having a good aspects, peaceful marriage can be predicted.
On the other hand, Venus is the significator of Male natives. If Venus and 7th lord is well placed and having good aspects, good quality married life is possible. In nutshell, the following are the points which should be kept in mind while examining the horoscope:

  • The 7th lord should be benefic and well placed.
  • The 7th house should be aspected by benefic planets and no papakartari yoga is present.
  • Venus should be well placed and should not be in the company of malefic planets.
  • Lagna lord should be strong or aspected to the 7th house.
  • The placement of benefic planets in the 7th house.
  • The 2nd house should be free from affliction.
  • The 4th, for happiness, 5th for children, and 12th for bed comforts. So the lords of these houses should be free from afflictions.
  • 8th house is of longevity. We should check the longevity of native from the house.

Thus, while matching kundli, Ist House (Personality and Self), 2nd house (Wealth and Growth of family), 4th house(General Happiness and comfort), 5th House of Lady love and Progney), 7 th house (Spouse), 8th house (house of Longevity of native ) and 12th house (Bed comforts) should be examined appropriately.




Due to innovation of education, skill and Society, troubles with regards to marriages are greater than ever day by day. The Divorce ratio of the social order is at disturbing. The reason behind the failed marriages is Lack of devotion in Astrology and matching the horoscopes. The general problems which are experienced by someone in wedding life are as below:

  • Delay in Marriage
  • Disputes after Marriage and Lack of understanding between the two.
  • Financial Problems
  • Character of Native
  • Adjustment problems with parents of each other

Native can conquer these problems, if seek advice from an expert astrologer before marriage. Though Astrologers are not God, but only counselors who can advise on the basis of Planets located in the horoscope.